Updated 30 November 2019

For those who wish to investigate issues of sustainability in more depth and detail, I have provided two bibliographies for download.

I kept an up-to-date bibliography of research publications in a Microsoft Access database from 1990 when I enrolled in a PHD until 2005 when I left academia to return to the private sector, My apologies that some later records entered by an over-enthusiastic research assistant are in “shouting” UPPERCASE. An entry of “Private” in the “Library” field means that I have a hardcopy of that publication in my filing cabinets or I own that book. An entry in the “Class” field provides the catalogue number of the publication stored at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, library. The Microsoft Access bibliography can be downloaded here

In October 2015 I started to enter the titles of books into Scrivener, a manuscript management software. I have exported the content of this bibliography as a zipped file of folders by category in RTF format. The bibliography of additional books by category exported from Scrivener can be downloaded here  A list of recommended books can be viewed here   

As the years rolled by I started to collect more and more publications in PDF format. At my last count I have over 7,000 research publications in PDF format. I haven’t entered these publications into a database because I use Search Everything for searching by filename and DocFetcher for content.

A bibliography in progress of key international peer reviewed journal publications and publications by reputable research organisations can be viewed here. It will take time for me to include PDF publications.