Updated 28 March 2020

‘Collision Course’, interview with Kerryn Higgs, 2017 - Link here

‘Conversation Earth: Exploring Our Place on Earth’ - Link here

'Debunking Economics' - Steve Keen's podcasts - Link here

‘Eco Living in Action with Maureen Howard, Dunedin, New Zealand’ - Link here

‘Everything You Want to Know About Population’, interview with Bill Ryerson, 2017 - Link here

Infinite Earth Radio - A variety of podcasts - Link here

Island Press Podcasts: Solutions that Inspire Change - Link here

Kunstler Podcast - Interview with Alice Friedemann, author of When the Trucks Stop Running - Link here

‘Pakaraka Permaculture’ - Radio New Zealand (RNZ) - Link here

'Pitchfork Economics' - Nick Hanauer's podcast - Link here

Radio Ecoshock - 91 Radio Stations - Link here

Radio New Zealands debate replay between Professors Arthur Grimes (Vic - NZ) and Kate Raworth (UK - doughnut economics) - Link here and also Joshua Farley's comments on patents and innovation - YouTube link here

'Rent-seeking investments alter our culture' - Pettifor, 2018 - Radio NZ - Link here

‘Sustainable Population Roadblocks’, interview with Bill Ryerson - Link here