Energy Production - Non-Renewable - updated 28 March 2019

‘Blind Spot’ - Documentary - YouTube link here
Carbon Tracker's event at COP21 - Al Gore warns investors of stranded assets risk. "The event featured a discussion of Carbon Tracker’s report "The $2 trillion stranded assets danger zone: How fossil fuel firms risk destroying investor returns" which warns that fossil fuel firms risk wasting $2 trillion on uneconomic projects in the next decade if they pursue business as usual strategies." - YouTube link here
‘Earth From Above: The End of Oil’ - Documentary - YouTube link here

'Fault Lines - Fracking in America' - Aljazeera Documentary - YouTube link here

‘Fracking: The Wild West comes to the UK’ - David Smythe - TEDxFindhornSalon - Link here

‘GasLand 2010’ - YouTube link here

‘Oil - Where it Comes From and Where it’s Going’ - YouTube link here

'Peak Oil and the Outlook for Oil Supply and Demand' - Will Martin - YouTube link here

'Peak Oil: Exploring the Risk Factors' - Robert Hirsch 2007 - YouTube link here

'Peak Oil: Some Knowns & Unknowns' - Robert Hirsch - YouTube link here

'The Extent, Nature and Geographical Distribution of "Unburnable" Fossil Fuels'  - Christophe McGlade - YouTube link here

'The Future of Oil' - Rolan Horne - YouTube link here

‘The Problem - Peak Oil - Part One Understanding and looking forward’ - YouTube link here

'The Problem - Peak Oil - Part Two Understanding and looking forward. Part 2b' - Documentary on transition in Cuba to a less oil dependent food production nation - YouTube link here

'The Nexus of Energy and Risk in the 21st Century' - Robert Hirsch 2012 - YouTube link here

‘This is our Energy Reality’ - YouTube link here

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