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‘6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World’ - Paul Stamets - TEDTalks - YouTube link here

‘$75,000 on 1/3 acre. Profitable Urban Farm Tour. Green City Acres’ - YouTube link here

‘Controlling Our Food: A Documentary On Genetically Modified Foods’ - YouTube link here

'Climate Change and Food Supply' -  Thomas Homer-Dixon - World Government Summit, Dubai, February 2017 - Vimeo link here

‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’ - Link here

'Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations - The Crisis and How This Can Be Solved' - David Montgomery - YouTube link here

‘Dirt! The Movie’ - YouTube link here

'Food Production and Population Growth' - Daniel Quinn and Alan Thornhill - YouTube Part 1 link here    Part 2 link here

'Green Gold' - Documentary by John D. Liu - YouTube Link here

'Homegrown Revolution (Award winning short-film 2009)- The Urban Homestead, Dervaes' - YouTube link here

‘Hope in a Changing Climate’ - by John D. Liu (2009) - YouTube link here

‘Hugh’s Fish: Fight Save Our Seas’ - YouTube link here

'Is Energy Use an Achilles Heel for Agriculture? Exploring Net Energy Analysis' - Craig Anderson - YouTube link here

'Keys To Building a Healthy Soil' - Gabe Brown - YouTube link here

'Living Soil Film' - link here

‘Organic Farming: New Zealand Approach to Self-Reliance’ - Link here

‘Rebuilding the Foodshed’ - Community Resilience Chat #1 - YouTube link here

‘Rebuilding our Food System Infrastructure’ - Michael Conard at TEDxManhattan 2011 - YouTube link here
'Regenerating Our Resources' - Gabe Brown (regenerative farmer, North Dakota, USA) - YouTube link here

'Seed The Movie' - YouTube link here

Soil Not Oil Conference' - Vandana Shiva Keynote Speaker - YouTube link here

'Sustainable City Living on 1/10th of an Acre - Degrowth in the Suburbs' - YouTube link here

'The Biggest Little Farm: John & Molly Chester' - Rich Roll Podcast - YouTube link here

‘The quarter-acre dream: extended version with gardening advice” - The Localising Food Production Project - Link here

'The World Peace Diet: Being Healthy and Saving the Planet' - Will Tuttle - YouTube link here

‘Who will feed us in a planet in crisis’  - Miguel A. Altier- Link here

Why Farming Is Broken (And Always Has Been) - YouTube link here

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