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'Analyzing Trump: 15 Logical Fallacies in 3 Minutes' - YouTube link here

'Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality' - YouTube link here

‘Fake News, Facts, and Alternative Facts’ - University of Michigan Teach-Out - YouTube link here

'How not to be ignorant about the world' - Hans and Ola Rosling - YouTube link here  Note the extrapolation at the end of the video which does not take into account the ongoing impact of climate change.

'How to Debunk Misinformation' - John Cook - YouTube link here

'Merchants of Doubt' - Documentary Mania link here

'Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm (Part 1 of 3)' - Smarter Every Day - YouTube link here

'The Manipulation of Twitter (Part 2 of 3)' - Smarter Every Day - YouTube link here

‘Understanding Your Divided Mind: Kahneman, Haidt and Greene’ - Audio- YouTube link here

'Who is Manipulating Facebook? (Part 3 of 3) - Smarter Every Day - YouTube link here

'Why should we trust scientists' - Naomi Oreskes - YouTube link here

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