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'Bill McKibben  on U.S. withdrawal from Paris Agreement' - Democracy Now Link here

‘Climate Change and Politics’ - John Sterman 2012 - YouTube link here

'Climate of Concern' - Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd (1991) - YouTube link here   This 25 year old documentary by Shell is a damning indictment against climate change deniers since 1991, inaction by many governments including New Zealand (see ‘Hot Air: Climate Change Politics in New Zealand’  here) and subsequent inappropriate action by Shell itself (see The Guardian 2017 report on Shell here and here ).

‘Delivering on 2°C: evolution or revolution?’ - Kevin Anderson - YouTube Link here

‘From Climate Change to Political and Personal Change: Building a Prosperous, Sustainable World’ - John Sterman 2016 - YouTube link here

'Our Global Economic Operating System' - Stuart Scott 2018 - YoutTube link here

‘President Donald Trump Statement To Withdraw From Paris Climate Change Accord 1 June 2017’ - YouTube link here

‘Top CEOs to Trump: You're wrong on climate change’ - YouTube link here

'Racing To The Precipice' - Noam Chomsky (March 2017) - YouTube link here

‘State of Denial: What does a Trump administration mean for science and environmental policy as science vs politics debates intensify?’ - Aljazeera link here

‘The American Denial of Global Warming’ - Naomi Oreskes- YouTube link here

'The Case for Optimism on Climate Change' - Al Gore- TED 2016 - YouTube link here

'The world is in your hands' - David Attenborough at COP24 - YouTube link here

'Threat to the Planet Implications for Intergenerational Justice and Energy Policies' - UC Berkeley Events 13 February 2009 - James Hansen: Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies - 43:23 to 49:19 - YouTube link here

'Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency and Promise of Tackling Climate Change' - London School of Economics & Political Science 4 June 2015 - Nicholas Stern - YouTube link here

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