Carbon Taxes, Rationing, & Trading Systems to Reduce GHG Emissions  - updated 26 July 2018

‘A simple and smart way (Carbon Fee & Dividend) to fix climate change’ - Dan Miller - TEDxOrangeCoast - YouTube link here

'Cap & Trade (ETS) and Carbon Fee & Dividend (Carbon Tax) Experience & Features' - Bob Archer - YouTube link here

‘Cap and Trade vs. Carbon Tax’ - YouTube link here

'Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade' - Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions - Youtube link here (excellent animated explanation)

‘Carbon tax as an option in designing climate policies’ - Thomas Sterner - YouTube link here

'Carbon tax vs ETS' - Daniel Crowe - YouTube link here (covers the theory but not the outcome in practice)

‘Shaun Chamberlin explains TEQs at Parliamentary launch - Part 1 of 2’ - YouTube link here  Part 2 of 2’ - YouTube link here

'Story of Cap and Trade' by The Story of Stuff Project - YouTube link here

'The European Union's CO2 Cap-and-Trade System in Perspective' - Denny Ellerman - YouTube link here (excellent video presentation posted in 2011 - subsequent effectiveness needs to be examined)

‘What is a Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax?’ - YouTube link here

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