New Zealand Specific - updated 21 March 2021

'A Smart Energy System for New Zealand' - Ian Mason - YouTube link here

'Child Poverty in New Zealand' - Bryan Bruce - YouTube link here

'Clear Price Signals in the NZ ETS' - Motu: Economic and Public Policy Research - Link here

'Climate Change Commission open Zoom series - Discussion with Lord Deben' - YouTube link here

'Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) For Dummies' - Morgan Foundation - YouTube link here

'Emissions Trading Scheme & Climate Change in New Zealand' - Satire by Nicholas Smith - YouTube Link here

‘Hot Air: Climate Change Politics in New Zealand’ - Link here

'Is methane or CO2 having a bigger impact on climate change?' - Morgan Foundation - YouTube link here (this argument is spurious because there has been an increase in methane emissions from ruminants over the last 100 years due to an increase in the population of ruminants bred for meat and milk production)

'Land Use Implications of a "Net Zero" New Zealand' - Alex Kazaglis - Vimeo link here

'Mind the Gap' - Bryan Bruce - YouTube link here

Planetary Boundaries New Zealand - YouTube link here

'Parlimentary Recklessness: Why We Need to Legislate More Carefully' - Professor Jermemy Waldron - Maxim Institute John Graham Lecture 2008 - Vimeo link here

'Someone Else's Country’ -  documentary - YouTube link here

'Tradable Emissions Quotas A Policy Mechanism to Manage Descent' - YouTube link here
'What the Politicians don't want you to know about climate change - Whiteboard Friday' - Gareth Morgan - YouTube link here

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