Research Related Software (Free & Commercial) - updated 22 March 2018

AnyLogic PLE (Free light version) - Multimethod Simulation Software - Discrete Event, Agent Based, Systems Dynamics Simulation. Download here

Emergy Simulator (Free Open Project) - Provides a universal simulation language to model both kinetic and thermodynamics of ecology economic. Download here

Cellular (Free Mac OS and Windows) - An extension of Scratch, a BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) programming environment. Cellular can be used to explore emergent phenomena such as simulating urban settlements. Download here

Gapminder World Offline (Free) - Animated global statistics. Data automatically updates when available. Download here

Insight Maker (Free) - Multi-method simulation and modeling platform that runs completely in your web browser. Link here

Minsky(GNU General Public License) -  System dynamics program with additional features for economics including  a Godley Table that enables a dynamic model of financial flows to be derived from a table that is very similar to the accountant's double-entry bookkeeping table. Link here

MYSTAT (Free Student Version for academic use) - Statistics software. Download here

Net Logo (Free Open Source) - Enables exploration of emergent phenomena  using agents in the form of turtles, patches, links, and the observer. Download here

Scilab (Free Open Source) - A high level programming language for engineering and scientific applications. Access to advanced data structures, 2-D and 3-D graphical functions and includes hundreds of mathematical functions. Download here

Simantics System Dynamics (Free Open Source) - Dynamic stock-flow simulation software. Download here

Statistica (Commercial) - User-friendly and powerful statistics software (my preferred statistical software). Link here

Vensim (Commercial) - Dynamic stock-flow simulation software (I use Vensim DSS). Link here

Vensim PLE (Free light version) - Dynamic stock-flow simulation software. Download here

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