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Calibre E-book Management (Free Open Source). Link here

Dia (GPL License) - Alternative to Microsoft Visio for drawing structured diagrams. Download here

Data Wrapper (Free version online) - Publish Charts, Maps, and Tables - Link here

DocFetcher (Free Open Source) - Desktop Search Engine. Download here

Edraw Mind Map (Freeware Version) - Create flowcharts, network diagrams etc. Download here

ezPDF Reader Pro (Free version available) for highlighting and annotating PDF files on an Android tablet. Link here

Foxit PDF Reader (Free version) - Extract highlighting from PDF files - Download here

FreeFileSync (Free Open Source) - Backup and synchronise files, folders, and hard drives. Download here

HelpNDoc Documentation authoring software (Free personal edition) - Link here   (Used to develop my web publication ISOSSR)

HelpScribble (Commercial) - Help Authoring Tool - Output includes online documentation on a web site - Link here

IBM Watson Speech to text Service - Link here

Kotobeee Interactive Ebook Authoring (Freemium version) - Link here

Lunapic (Free Online) Create transparent background to graphics - link here

LyX (Free Open Source) - Power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease of use of a graphical interface. Download here

Mendeley Desktop (Free Reference Manager, PDF Organiser, and Academic Social Network. “Make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs on any device”). Link here

PDF Copy-Paster (Free download) -  a utilty which enables copy and paste word wrapping from a PDF file without hard returns. Link here

Qiqqa Research and Reference Manager (Free and Premium). Link here

Scapple (Commercial) Non-linear free form note creator and non-hierarchical connector. Link here

Scrivener (Commercial) Writing project management software. Link here

Search Everything (Free - Donate) - Search file names on hard drives. Download here

Sumnotes Online Service (Free for a limited number and size of files) for extracting highlighting from PDF files into a separate document. Link here

Winplot (Permission by author to freely distribute) - A general-purpose plotting utility which can draw (and animate) curves and surfaces presented in a variety of formats. Download here  

Zotero Personal Research Assistant (Free browser plugin & Standalone version) - Link here  

ZotFile PDF Notation Extraction Plugin for Zotero Personal Research Assistant (Donation) - Link here

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