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ActivistLab: For People Who Create Change - Link here

Alice Friedemann's ‘Energy Skeptic' blog - Link here

Andrew Sayer's 'RicherPoorer: Unmasking Economic Inequality' blog - Link here

Barry Brook's blog 'Brave New Climate' - Link here

Bernard Lietaer's 'Currency Solutions for a Wiser World' blog - Link here

Brian Czech’s ‘Supply Shock’ blog - Link here

Build It Solar: The Rewable Energy Site for Do-It-Yourselfers - Link here

Chris Goodal's blog 'Carbon Commentary' - Link here
Chris Nelder's blog 'GetREALlist: Deal with reality or it will deal with you' - Link here

Chris Smage's blog 'Small Farm Future: Making the case for a small farm renaissance' - Link here

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd’s ‘The Great Story’ blog - Link here

Craig Jones's 'Circular Ecology' website &  blog - link here

DESMOG: Clearing The PR Pollution That Clouds Climate Science - Link here

Dmitry Orlov's 'Cluborlov' blog - Link here

Dan Miller’s ‘Climate Place’ blog - Link here

Economic Reason: Forward Thinking in a Backwards Economy - Link here

EcoSnippets: Free Gardening & Self Sufficiency Lifestyle Tips - Link here

EcoWatch - Link here

Euan Mearns's blog 'Energy Matters' - Link here

Evonomics: The Next Evolution of Economics’ - Link here

Environmentalist - Link here

Free, Fair and Alive: The Insurgent Power of the Commons - Link here

Gail Tverberg's  'Our Finite World: Exploring how oil limits affect the economy' Blog - Link here

Geoff Lawton's blog on permaculture - Link here 

George Monbiot’s blog - Link here

Growth Bias Busted - Link here

Guy Dauncey’s ‘The Practical Utopian’ blog – Link here

Guy McPherson’s ‘Nature Bays Last’ blog - Link here  Scott Johnson’s critique of Guy McPherson’s conclusions - Link here

Helen Caldicott’s blog - Link here

Institute For Policy Studies - Link here

James Kunstler's blog - Link here

Jay Hanson’s blog - Link here

Jason Hickel's blog - Link here

Jean-Marc Jancovici's blog - Link here

Jem Bendell's blog  'Notes from a strategist & educator on social & organisational change, now focused on #DeepAdaptation' - Link here

Jeremy Leggett’s blog ‘Energy, Climate and Tech Watching ... For Appropriate Civilization and Against Despotism’  - Link here

Jeremy Rifkin's blog 'The Foundation on Economic Trends' - Link here

John and Molly Chester's website "Apricot Lane Farms" - Link here

John Feeney's blog 'Growth is Madness: Humanity's Greatest Challenge' - Link here

John Greer’s ‘The Archdruid Report’ blog - Link here

John Lang and Will Pickering's blog 'The E-Environmentalist' - Link here

John Summa's blog 'Dead-End Economics' - Link here

John Thackara's 'Doors of Perception' Blog - Link here

Josh Floyd's blog 'Beyond this Brief Anomaly' - Link here

Jules Dervaes’s blog ‘The Urban Homestead’ - Link here

Justin Bowles' Blog "The Rational Pessimist: Risk and Well-Being in a World of Changing Cliomate, Resources, Technology and Growth' - Link here

Kate Raworth's Exploring Doughbut Economics' blog - Link here

Keith Addison’s ‘Journey to Forever’ blog - Link here

Kevin deLaplante’s ‘Critical Thinking’ blog - Link here

Kurt Cobb's 'Resource Insights' blog - Link here

Lester Brown’s ‘Earth Policy Institute’ blog (closed by Lester Brown on 30 June 2015 at the age of 81) - Link here

Lewis Dartnell's blog ‘The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World From Scratch’ - Link here

Low-Tech Magazine: Doubts on progress and technology - Link here

Marjorie Kelly's blog - Link here

Michael Hudson's blog on Finance, Real Estate and the Powers of Neoliberalism - Link here

Minnesotans for Sustainability blog - Link here

Nafeez Ahmed's blog - Link here

Nate Hagen's 'The Monkey Trap' blog - Link here

NDCi.Global:Invest - Implement - Interact for professionals making climate commitments a reality - Link here
Nevin & Linda Sweeney's Under the Choko Tree: Living Sustainably in the Suburbs' blog - Link here

Nicole Foss’s ‘The Automatic Earth’ blog - Link here

Nora Bateson's International Bateson Institute: Trans Contextual Research on Living Systems - Link here News and views on the coming collapse - Link here

Open Society Foundations - Link here

Paul Chefurka's blog - Link here

Paul Mobbs' blog 'Free Range Activism Website - Link here

Peak Oil: Exploring Hydrocarbon Depletion - Link here

Peak Prosperity: Insights for Prospering as our World Changes - Link here

Peter Sinclair's blog 'Climate Denial Crock of the Week' - Link here  

RealClimate: Climate Science from Climate Scientists - Link here

RenewEconomy: Tracking the Next Industrial Revolution - Link here

Resilience - Link here

Richard Vague's blog 'Debt Economics' - Link here

Robbie Andrew - Link here

Rob Mielcarski '"Un-Denial' Blog - Link here

Ron Swenson’s blog 'Energy Crisis' - Link here

Ross Gelbspan's blog 'The Heat is Online' - Link here

Scott Johnson's 'Fractal Planet' blog - Link here

Shaun Chamberlin's Blog 'Dark Optimism' - Link here

Steven Fawkes’s ‘Only Eleven Percent’ blog - Link here

Steve Keen’s blog - Link here

Tad Patzek's 'LifeItself' blog - Link here

The Azimuth Project - Link here

The Coming Global Oil Crisis: Doing More With Less - Link here

The Dark Mountain Project - Link here

The Energy Collective Group  Energy and Climate blog - Link here

The Green New Deal - Link here

The Simpler Way - Link here

Tim Morgan's blog 'Surplus Energy Economics' - Link here

Thomas Berry Foundation - Link here

Thomas Greco’s ‘Reinventing Money: DemystiyingMoney and Liberating Exchange’ blog - Link here
Thomas Homer-Dixon's 'Seeing Through Complexity: Conflict, Ideological Change, Environment and Energy, Innovation, New Economics, Societal Growth and Crisis' blog - Link here

Tom Bliss's blog - Link here

Tom Fiddaman’s blog ‘MetaSD’ – Link here
Tim Garrett's Blog - Link here

Tom Murphy's blog 'Do the Maths: Using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options'  - Link here
Trillion Trees Campaign - Link here

UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources Blog - Link here

Ugo Bardi's Cassandra's Legacy' blog - Link here

Urban Resilience Research Network - Link here

Will Martin's blog - Link here

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