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'Australia's climate wars: A Decade of Dithering' - YouTube link here

'Bill McKibben: Trump's Presidency Comes When the Warming World Can Least Afford It' - YouTube link here

'Climate change: Fact or fiction? | Head to Head'  - Richard Lindzen & Mehdi Hassan - YouTube link here

‘How Climate Change Became a "Liberal Hoax"' - Noam Chomsky - YouTube link here

‘Jeffery Sachs CNN interview on Scott Pruitt's denial that CO2 causes climate change’ - Twitter link here

‘Michael Mann The Madhouse Effect: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump’ - YouTube link here

'Much of This is Intended to Intimidate' - Katharine Hayhoe - YouTube link here

"Myron Ebell Discusses Climate Change and Hurricanes on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon' - YouTube link here

'One climate change scientist takes on a roomful of sceptics' - Stephen Schneider 2010 - YouTube link here

‘The Serengeti Strategy’ - Michael Mann - YouTube link here

'Trump To Appoint Complete Lunatic (Myron Ebell) To Crucial Office' - YouTube link here

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