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BLOGS  - updated 16 August 2017


GLOBAL - Updated 16 August 2017

Alice Friedemann's blog ‘Energy Skeptic' - Link here

EcoSnippets: Free Gardening & Self Sufficiency Lifestyle Tips - Link here

Evonomics: The Next Evolution of Economics blog - Link here

Bernard Lietaer's blog 'Currency Solutions for a Wiser World' - Link here

Brian Czech’s ‘Supply Shock’ blog - Link here

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd’s ‘The Great Story’ blog - Link here

Dan Miller’s ‘Climate Place’ - Link here

Growth Bias Busted - Link here

Guy McPherson’s ‘Nature Bays Last’ blog - Link here

Helen Caldicott’s blog - Link here

Institute For Policy Studies - Link here

Jay Hanson’s blog - Link here

Jeremy Leggett’s ‘Energy, Climate and Tech Watching ... For Appropriate Civilization and Against Despotism’ blog - Link here

John Greer’s ‘The Archdruid Report’ blog - Link here

Kate Raworth's blog 'Exploring Doughbut Economics' - Link here

Keith Addison’s blog ‘Journey to Forever’ - Link here

Kevin deLaplante’s blog on Critical Thinking - Link here

Lester Brown’s ‘Earth Policy Institute’ blog (closed by Lester Brown on 30 June 2015 at the age of 81) - Link here

NDCi.Global:Invest - Implement - Interact for professionals making climate commitments a reality - Link here
Nevin & Linda Sweeney's blog 'Under the Choko Tree: Living Sustainably in the Suburbs' - Link here

Nafeez Ahmed's blog - Link here

Nicole Foss’s ‘The Automatic Earth’ blog - Link here

Open Society Foundations - Link here

Peak Oil: Exploring Hydrocarbon Depletion - Link here

Resilience - Link here

Steven Fawkes’s ‘Only Eleven Percent’ blog - Link here

The Coming Global Oil Crisis: Doing More With Less - Link here

The Green New Deal - Link here

The Simpler Way - Link here

Thomas Berry Foundation - Link here

Thomas Greco’s blog ‘Reinventing Money: DemystiyingMoney and Liberating Exchange’ - Link here
Thomas Homer-Dixon's blog 'Seeing Through Complexity: Conflict, Ideological Change, Environment and Energy, Innovation, New Economics, Societal Growth and Crisis' - Link here

Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd’s ‘The Great Story’ blog - Link here

NEW ZEALAND SPECIFIC - Updated 3 August 2017

The Standard - Link here

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