In Search of Steady State

Sustainability           Resilience           Transition

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GLOBAL STATISTICS - updated 8 June 2017

Chandler Population Data - This dataset contains global and city-level population data from 2250 BC - AD 1975 for 1,587 cities in csv format - Link here

Climate Action Tracker - Link here

Ecological Wealth of Nations - Link here

EnviroAtlas  - Link here

FAOSTAT - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United nations (FAO) Database - Link here

Gapminder - Link here       Gapminder World Offline - Download here

Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Third Party Life Cycle Databases - Link here

International Energy Agency Interactive Sankey Diagrams for the World - Link here

Maddison Project - Link here

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) - Link here

NASA Goddard Institute GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP) - Link here

NASA Climate Time Machine - Link here

National Environment Accounting Database (NEAD) - Link here

Podwaddle World Clock - Link here

Population Reference Bureau - Link here

RSB Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials - Link here

Shadow Government Statistics - Link here

The Emergy Database - Link here

The Environmental Footprint Explorer - Link here

UNESCO Water Information Network System (IHP-WINS) - Link here

United Nations Environment Programme. Global Environment Outlook, GEO Data Portal - Link here

Worldometer - Link here

World Bank Data - Link here

World Statistics - Link here