In Search of Steady State

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FREE PUBLICATIONS - updated 7 August 2017


GLOBAL FREE PUBLICATIONS - Updated 7 August 2017

‘A Renewable Energy World - and other Adventures in Sustainability’ - Free Kindle download by Roy Morrison - Link here

‘A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking' by Greg Haskins - Download here

‘Dr Albert Bartlett's 21 Laws of Sustainability’ - Download here

‘Finance Guide for Policy-Makers: Renewable Energy, Green Infrastructure 2016 Update’ by Blloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) - Link here

‘Grow Biointensive’ - Ecology Action resources website on food production - Link here

‘Introduction to System Dynamics’ - Online publication by US Department of Energy - Link here

‘Key World Energy Statistics 2016’ - International Energy Agency - Link here

‘Limits to Growth’ - Online and downloadable publication by the Donella Meadows Institute - Link here

‘Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution’ - Free download of chapters by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and Hunter Lovins. - Link here

'Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy' - Online publication by Richard Heinberg and David Fridley - Link here
‘Renewable energy after COP21: Nine issues for climate leaders to think about on the way home’ by Richard Heinberg 2015 - Link here

‘Sustainability and Liberation: Building the Efficient Renewable Energy System and An Ecological Transformation Plan’ - Free Kindle download by Roy Morrison - Link here

‘Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air’ by David MacKay 2009 - Link here

‘The Natural Capital Protocol’ - A framework designed to help generate trusted, credible, and actionable information for business managers to inform decisions - Link here

'The New Road to Serfdom: An illustrated Guide to the Coming Real Estate Collapse' by Michael Hudson in Harpers Magazine 2006 - Download here

‘The Schumacher Center's online collection of lectures and publications’ - Link here

'The Winning of the Carbon War' by Jeremy Leggett 2016 - Link here

'Will Limits of the Earth's Resources Control Human Numbers?' by David Pimentel, O. Bailey, P. Kim, E. Mullaney, J. Calabrese, L. Walman, F. Nelson, and X. Yao, 1999 - Link here

‘Winning the Oil Endgame’ - Free download by Amory Lovins, Kyle Datta, Odd-Even Bustnes, Jonathon Koomey, and Nate Glasgow. - Link here

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‘Net Zero in New Zealand: Scenarios to achieve domestic emissions neutrality in the second half of the century’ by Vivid Economics, March 2017 - Link here

‘Stepping stones to Paris and beyond: Climate change, progress, and predictability’ - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment - Link here

‘Strong Sustainability for New Zealand: Principles and Scenarios’ by Phase2 (Public name of Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand Inc) 2009 - Link here

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